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Have slept exceedingly unwell lately. Two nights ago I laid awake until 6 AM. Last night I took two truxal and a stilnoct and slept blissfully until my alarm woke me. Oh, how I want to do that more often.. but I only have five stilnoct left. I suppose I could get another prescription if I have to, but I'm being careful with them as they are addictive.

Made another deposit in the karma bank, as if that's going to bring her back to me.

To my joy, I found out that when I click on one of my tasks on, it gives me a history of performing that specific task. Very, very useful. (only gold accounts and those in the party of a gold account get complete histories, free accounts are limited to a week, which is hardly of any use.)

Lots of tea and watching TV, and a fair amount of reading and playing Black Crypt as well.

Sigmund visited last night and slept over. It was nice to have company.

I.. have an urge to play Daggerfall again. Why have I still not touched Morrowind?

I want to do something with Lorelai.. but she has heating issues; I think she needs a case fan. So I need to figure out which size and how to hook it up.

Reading entries from others having a good time has helped my mood a lot; without them I'd probably be depressed now. And I'm still a bit happy over discovering there's going to be a World War Z movie.

Spellcheck wanted to turn truxal into altruist and stilnoct into pestilence. Heh.
Tags: chorewars, insomnia, whatever

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