Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Yay stuff.


One of my photos is now featured on the Schmap guide for Oslo. (link)
They seem to have misplaced the photos quite a bit to the south of their actual location, though. Maybe I'll write them and point out the mistake if they don't figure it out by themselves in the next few days.

Have not exercised much at all lately, so yesterday I decided to get some. Took the subway to Sognsvann, walked around the lake once and all the way home. Also talked to several strangers, which was nice. I guess my new T-shirt helps. I even got to share my tea with an old lady who was recuperating after surgery. She had to have a hole drilled in her skull and was lucky to be alive. She didn't speak much, but I talked some with her companion, a middle-aged, dignified-looking man. I find I enjoy talking randomly to people I might never meet again. It's like a one-night-stand without the sex. XD

Today marks the start of the four-week period in which I'll get a reply to my application for that apartment.

Not so yay stuff:

I was really exhausted when I got back home, so I sat down and played SMAC for hours. Bad idea, I should have stretched first. Also, I didn't get any sleep at all until like 9 AM. Most of the night I was kept awake by a twitch in my leg. A point just over my left knee just kept twitching. I suppose it could be because of strain and not stretching afterward, but what if it's something more sinister, like a parasite or something?

I think part of the reason I can't sleep at night is because I don't have a cat.

Other stuff:

Local elections coming up soon. Maybe I'll go downtown to their stands and ask each party what they intend to do about all the diseased trees in town. Since it's local, I'm going to vote for the party that will make the changes I feel are needed in this city, which may or may not be the party I'd vote for in the election for our government.

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