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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
10th-Sep-2007 11:37
Sugar corrupts

I think I fell asleep before 2 AM, but only because I finally caved in and took something for my throat, which is pretty bad now. Need to get something sugarfree for night use. I tend to avoid sugarfree stuff because it almost always means it has aspartame (and acesulfame potassium) in it, but lately some candies here have switched over to sucralose.. which I still don't trust, but at least it's not aspartame. I guess it would be too much to hope to find something sweetened entirely by things ending with -tol.
Why does it have to be sweet anyway? I just need something menthol and/or eucalyptus to subdue my throat. Something strong.

Or ginger.

Anyway, after I finish my morning routine, I'm going to go vote. Then I'm going to pick up the photos I ordered, take them home and frame them.
10th-Sep-2007 11:31 (UTC)
Have you tried to ask at Svaneapoteket in Carl Johans gate/Stortorvet for menthol or eucalyptus oil?
10th-Sep-2007 15:39 (UTC)
No, but I've been half planning to hit up a pharmacy for that sort of thing. Why that particular one?
10th-Sep-2007 17:17 (UTC)
Ordinary pharmacies will probably have any number of cold remedies, containing various chemicals, of wich some are even nastier than aspartame.
Svaneapoteket, on the other hand, has made a name for themselves by carrying such products as pure eucalyptus oil.
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