Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

The Eternal Wait..


One week down, up to three to go.. I hate not knowing when I'll get the fateful letter. I want to take another trip to Brosvika in week 40 because there's no therapy session that week, but I don't know if I'd be moving or what.

Sigmund visited me yesterday, unannounced. It was cool. With his help, I did the vodka infusion thing, one batch with ginger and honey, one with ginger and vanilla. And just like that, the entire bottle was gone. We also watched a couple of episodes of Psych, as we had seen all the same episodes. We went for a short walk while eating ice cream, and talking about the shiny cameras we want. We finished off my bottle of raspberry wine, wondered why it didn't say anything about strength on the bottle, and went to the winery's website, which to our horror was *terrible* - just add a few animated GIFs and use comic sans ms, and you'd have the worst website ever. And it didn't have any information on any of their wines, just a list. And the photos were bad and the size tags gave wrong sizes so they looked even worse, and it uses frames, and.. ugh.

Also wasted hours playing SMAC.. isn't it about time I get tired of playing that game? At least in single-player?
Tags: family, smac:smac

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