Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Still waiting for that damn letter.


I tried to go to work today - albeit late.. I arrived about ten minutes before the end of the day, only to find my card key is no longer valid. A while later it occurred to me that it's been just over a year since I started there, and cards probably get auto-disabled after a year as a security measure. I didn't bother ringing the doorbell to see if my boss was in. Maybe he'd left early. I straight on to shopping for yarn, and an external harddrive.
Then I went to see Maria at her part-time job. Again, I started tearing up almost immediately. I think it might be guilt for not having been there for all those years. I've had her phone number pretty much all the time, and never called her.

During my stay, there was a moment when all I heard was a cacophony of voices around me, and I was alone in the world. This was one of those days where I'd have been better off staying in bed. However, at the end of it I did feel much better. I also enjoyed talking to one of her friends, whose name I didn't catch. He's from Kaupanger and we bonded some over our love for our "homeland". I really want to go back there.

Then I went home to play with my new 500GB (that's 465 GB in real space) external harddrive. And then I made cookies. Wonderful chocolate-chip cookies.

Oh yeah: Last night I discovered why Matsuri have been having performance issues lately: one of her harddrives are in PIO mode. I did nothing to cause this, and no tampering with BIOS or settings in Windows has helped - my only untried theory now is that the cable is bad. I tried to get a new cable today, but there was a bit of a cock-up and it seemed the only IDE cable they had was an ugly flat one that didn't list any specs on it, and I didn't realize this or notice that it said ATA.-33 on the receipt until the very minute the store had closed for the day. I'm going back tomorrow to get it changed. The website says they have a ATA-133 round cable in stock, and I specifically asked for a round cable, but I was told all they had was the flat one. If only I had realized the issue sooner, I could have gone to the other computer store right nearby and bought a decent cable there. Once I got home, I checked to see if the store at the other end in town (which is in a mall so it's open much longer) had it in stock, but they didn't. Bummer.

As if I didn't have anything to do after therapy tomorrow. I don't want to be this busy!

Edit: Found fix here, linked to from here which I found with the help of Google. I now know why Windows throws devices into PIO mode like that randomly, and how to fix them. Awesome.
Tags: computer geekery, friends

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