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Now that I have space to move things to, I've cleared out all but the system drive from Lorelai. Soon I'll be able to actually do something with her. Re-install of WinXP, since I have a valid, legal license for her, and probably Ubuntu or something as well (although I really should try out some other linux distros some time).

I got the DVD of Kogitsune Helen today, and although I can play it back just fine, I can't seem to be able to rip it. I don't like that.. I guess it has some kind of copy protection. Feh.

I woke up really early today, so I only got about six hours of rest, and I estimate about four hours of sleep, so I went through today with a bit of a headache. I found it hard to concentrate during therapy today, and didn't say much. After therapy I went into town, stopped by Le Palais des Thés first, as they close earlier than the other stores I planned to visit. I got more filters and some The Des Moines. Then I went to Datakjeden and got a refund for the stupid cable. They had a flat ATA-133 IDE cable, but not the round one.

Hungry with a craving for red meat, I decided to eat at Big Horn Steak House, despite my finances taking a heavy hit from buying that harddrive. The food was great, the overall experience not that good, as the restaurant was full of people talking and laughing. I should carry earplugs in my bag for when I am alone in crowds.
Tags: computer geekery

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