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Update from Brosvika.


It feels great to be back. My train ride was quite enjoyable (the seat next to me was never filled), with lots of tea, watching old Doctor Who episodes on my laptop and reading a bit. I had an hour and a half in Bergen, so I spent nearly an hour getting from the train station to the boat, getting really lost on the way. When leaving the train station, it's always a good idea to pick up a free map of town. Anyway, I got a good deal of exercise, which was good.
The two hour boat ride wasn't bad either; it did have some screaming kids, but they weren't too persistent, and one mother in particular did everything she could to quiet her spawn. It seems so many parents just give up and ignore their offspring, forgetting that the noise is horrible to those of us who haven't learned to filter it out. Gold star to the lady in pink.

Once off the boat in Rysjedalsvika (one of the shiniest place names EVER), it was as if all my anxieties and depressions were washed away. The air smelled so clean, and Brosvika was just on the other side of the fjord. I was going home.

Upon arrival at the ferry lane in Rutledal, I was picked up by the mayor herself (my aunt), who drove me the rest of the way. All was great except a horrific discovery in my room: upon opening the window, I was faced with no less than FOUR HORDES of flies. They were trying to hibernate in the cracks. I spent at least half an hour that night killing flies. The inside of the window is now smeared with fly goo. On sunny days they spawn out of nowhere; otherwise they're mostly quiet.

I've made 10k steps each day for eight days straight now, starting with the day of the trip here, where I somehow managed to get 8k steps in Bergen. It's been tough, and there were times I wanted to give up, especially today when my leg started cramping up.. but the weather was just perfect and after a while it was glorious to be outside.

And today, after dinner, I found Odessa. I just stepped outside randomly, and saw a black shape that could be a cat - and yes, it was moving - definitely a cat. I slowly moved toward her, and as I got closer, she looked more like a black cat, and I had to get pretty close to get a positive ID. By the time I was sure it was her, she must've recognized me too, because she finally started moving toward me. She allowed me to pick her up, and I carried her back to the house. She had lost a bit of weight, but far less than that time she was gone for 50 days in the middle of winter. It's been over two months this time, but it's obvious that she's had better luck hunting here. I kind of think she smelled faintly of fish..

She was very hungry, of course, but not ravenous. A short while after I had allowed her access to the attic, she was at ease and would come up to me and purr. She came down to my bedroom a few times too, and she's being unusually affectionate.

She got a bit upset when my grandfather stopped at the door; she even hissed at him, probably more because he closed the door of her escape route up to the attic than anything.

The original plan was for me to return to Oslo today so I could attend group therapy tomorrow - but I'm needed here; my grandmother is currently in the hospital and had surgery today (all went well), and she was really worried about how my grandfather would do without her - my coming here was a godsend for her. I've helped out a lot with the dishes and stuff before, and now that she's gone I'm cooking dinner and administering his meds too (he can't do that himself; he forgets he has taken them and takes a second dose, etc). It's a bit strenuous to have to answer the same question dozens of times, but I can easily put up with this for a week or two. I feel useful here. I'm appreciated. I definitely want to move here, although I really would prefer to live up in the cabin where I can have some privacy. My grandfather doesn't knock before entering my room, which he does several times every night and morning because he forgets he has already said goodnight and stuff.

So I chose family over therapy, and got my cat back. Karma.
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