Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Back in Oslo


Odessa and I arrived safely back in Oslo late last night.

Of course I got next to no sleep the night before - but at least I got a lot of rest; Odessa was calm all through the night.

Shortly after we got on the train, Odessa peed on the floor. Poor kitty.. she's never had an accident during traveling before. Maybe she was just so scared.. at least I was confident she wouldn't poop on the train, as I'd seen her do that around 3 AM. But I was so embarrassed! The train personnel provided me with a large stack of paper towels and a disinfectant spray. It was hard to get to, but I think I managed to clean it all up.

Will try to rig up a portable litterbox before the next time I need to take her anywhere that takes all day.
Tags: odessa

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