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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
  Annoyance of the day: Traffic noises completely drown out the… 
22nd-Oct-2007 15:14

Annoyance of the day: Traffic noises completely drown out the sound of the voice reading a book on my mp3 player, even at max volume. If I'm going to listen to audio books while walking, I am restricted to long walks in the woods.

Minor annoyance of the day: Having to go to the loo every time I drink a litre of tea. Aren't there exercises one can do to increase bladder size? I also seem to have the same problem with beer. Other liquids are never consumed in this quantity, so I have no way of telling if this problem applies to other drinks.

Nice point of the day: Sat next to an old lady (she mentioned having great-grandkids) on the bus, who was so glad to see a young woman knitting. We talked about knitting until my stop came up. I could happily tell her that there are loads of young adult knitters on the internet, and the art is by no means dying out.
23rd-Oct-2007 19:41 (UTC)
I have that problem with both tea and alcohol in general. Which is weird, considering tea is hydrating and alcohol is dehydrating. Ah, well. I'll never be a biologist. I just sort of go with it. :P
23rd-Oct-2007 19:44 (UTC)
Isn't tea supposed to be dehydrating because of the caffeine?
23rd-Oct-2007 19:52 (UTC)
Oh. Maybe. But I drink mostly green varieties, which I think have a negligible amount of caffeine in them, and I still have to go to the bathroom a lot
23rd-Oct-2007 19:58 (UTC)
Not necessarily. Out of the 47 green teas in the palace's database, 10 are high in caffeine, 35 have a normal amount and only two are low in caffeine. Gyokuro seems to be among the high-caffeine ones.

23rd-Oct-2007 20:17 (UTC)
Ah, okay. That would explain it.

I also remembered I pee more frequently when I drink a lot of juices, too. Maybe it's the vitamin C.
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