Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

pumpkins and pack-rat behavior.


I made pickled pumpkin today. Looks and tastes successful to me. Had to halve the portion because I don't have a big enough saucepan. Normally I'd go out and buy one, but I've been doing that sort of shopping a lot lately, and I'm deep in the red. I seem to be suffering from compulsory shopping syndrome, if there's anything called that. I got a new knife just for carving the pumpkin.

I still have a lot of pumpkin, so I'll probably make several other batches... but then I'll need to buy more glass jars..

I'm accumulating possessions at an alarming rate, and I'm not inclined to give up things. I don't like this aspect of myself. Perhaps I will find it possible to change once I am no longer surrounded by people who have no respect for my rights of property.
Tags: cooking, hoarding

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