Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

nothing much.


I'm up to my ankles in debt. And no, there's no punchline of having fallen in head first. Another month - a normal month - and I'd be back on dry ground, but with giftmas coming up, I don't know.
If only I could read patterns and understand that gibberish so I could finally knit socks.
In one of the yarn stores I frequent, I have been told that if I get stuck I can just bring my work down there and they'll help me out. I just might take them up on that offer.

Accomplishments today: Pretty much none. Played SMAC a great deal. No social interaction. Only left the house once, to take out the trash. Cooked a simple dinner. In short, I relaxed. And I needed that.

I'm going to need to relax more before Wednesday..

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