Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

yay, books.


Great day. Not so great night; I got approximately three hours of sleep. Got myself down to the doctor's office and got an appointment booked, and will be able to pick up my prescription on Monday or Tuesday. Walked both ways.

Later, walked all the way down to Le Palais des Thés and purchased two teas and some more filters. Took the subway a couple of stops into town to visit Maria at work, and had a beer before going to Aniara's book auction. I got rid of some stuff, and earned over twice as much as I had expected to. My main motivation was to get rid of books I'm positive I'm not going to want to read again. It was only as the auction begun that I remembered my box of books marked "free to a good home" under my bed. Oops.

Looking through that box now I want to change my mind about a few of the books, too. Silly, book-hoarding me. I'll post info on them here some time soon so you people who are getting care packages from me can pick any you want.

I only bought one book! It's a collection of SF short stories from 1966. I have a weak spot for old science fiction. It's so fun to see how they imagined the future to be that long ago. I loved John Brunner's The Astronauts Must Not Land from '63, where in an unnamed year, our first near-lightspeed ship returns from Alpha Centauri, and at several points in the book some of the characters have trouble reaching each other because the author didn't imagine cell phones.

I'm almost done knitting my green scarf. I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

Oh, and I cooked a proper dinner. Well, partially cooked. I used a pre-made sauce, but boiled the rice and fried the tofu myself. And I forgot to salt the rice again. I always forget that if I don't do it right at the beginning. Does it even matter like it does with certain other foods?
Tags: books, cooking, knitting, tea

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