Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

At least LJ gets *something* right


I'm not talking about this adult content flagging, though. I saw that post and went to look at my settings ( and noticed a couple of things I liked.

"Disable the receipt of virtual gifts" - Yes! I no longer have to live in fear of receiving a virtual gift! I absolutely HATE those things. They are beyond pointless.

"Prompt me to share new public entries on Facebook" was unchecked by default. Thank you, I don't want Facebook knowing about my real issues.

In other news, we have snow. Just a thin layer, but the sky is white too and the warmth of the sun is blocked from remedying the situation.

Last night I found my stash of chopsticks, and I found my old harddrive which I'll put back in Lorelai where it belongs, and after looking for it for 20 minutes, I finally found my cellphone charger.

Was awake at least until 2 AM. Slept rather well once I managed to actually fall asleep. Woke up mere minutes before my 9 AM alarm. Today could be good, if I wear enough layers of clothing.
Tags: lj stuff, sleep issues

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