Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking



My dear sister helped me clean my room today. Wow, so much floor space. How does she do it? So far I've only had minor difficulties locating stuff.
And I was of use to her too, by instructing her in knitting.

My mom called and we talked for a while. I now have a Plan. Two plans, actually.

Plan A: I pay for a rental van and mom drives my stuff to Brosvika.
Pros: much cheaper than using a moving firm. Don't have to worry so much about stuff being damaged in transit. Mom gets to see her parents outside of summer.
Cons: only that it won't be possible if the weather is severe.

Plan B: I store all but essentials in mom's basement, move to Brosvika with the bare necessities, and plan A is executed in Spring.

My mother is a wonderful and kind person, and I hope weather permits our planned trip to happen sooner rather than later.
Tags: move!

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