Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Last Update of the year.


The move went A-OK. We had near-blizzard weather while crossing the mountain, and at one point we were pushed off the road by a very aggressive gust of wind. Lucky that it didn't happen just a wee bit further along where there were rails and the car would have been dented. We had a rescue truck pull us back into the road a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes after getting stuck. Then we had a further delay as a large truck had run off the road and was blocking it. So, we arrived at Brosvika at 3:30 AM.

The cabin is in a sad state of disrepair. There's a huge mold spot on the living room ceiling, and I have to keep my silly mind from anthropomorphizing it and giving it a name, as if I could be friends with it so it won't hurt me while I secretly plot its inevitable demise come spring, when repairs and upgrades will be made.

I blew a fuse last night when I turned on my water boiler while the crappy power-hungry heater was on. Didn't know that bedroom was on the same circuit as the kitchen.. oh well, now I know not to do that again. There weren't any spare fuses, so I borrowed some from my grandmother this morning, and I have power again.

Really looking forward to Thursday when we're going to Eivindvik (=closest approximation of civilization) to shop for all the stuff I need. Foodstuff, cleaning supplies, spare fuses, etc.

The nice white bed in the first room I slept in turned out to be full of mold. My second choice of bedroom was better, but after moving out all the furniture I did find some small spots with mold growth just by the floor. So now I sleep in what is going to become the Library, which is currently the most inhabitable room in the cabin.

I'm happy, the cat is happy, I have boxes everywhere and the fireplace is incredibly hard to get going, but to my relief my aunt is well aware of that and getting a new wood oven is part of the planned spring improvements. I won't have to put up with that for too long.

Haven't even turned on the TV, so I don't know if it works/is NTSC-compatible or anything. I have slightly more important things to deal with right now, but I still somehow end up spending a considerable amount of time playing Animal Crossing on my shiny new DS.

Dinner at my aunt's tonight, so I'm heading back up to my home now to get ready. Bye!
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