Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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It's cold, and I spend more time in my grandparents' house than my own. The wood stove there sucks really badly and the fire just dies as soon as I stop looking at it, if not sooner.

It's moist. Seriously, when I wake up in the morning, the top of my blanket is moist. Lots of condensation on the windows. What do I do about this? Just wipe it off and hope it's not a perpetually replenishing thing?

I don't have a date for when I'll have my own internet connection yet.

My plan to return mom's cellphone which she left behind here in Brosvika has been FOILED AGAIN yesterday, as I found out Eivindvik no longer has a post office. (That's preposterous! Eivindvik is the nexus of Gulen municipality. How can it not have a post office?!)
And today, the mail had already been here when I got down this morning. But at least I've weighed the package and looked up the prices, so now I know how much it'll cost to send it. Tomorrow, I promise. Wow, the mail gets delivered early here. Back at Slemdal it'd arrive sometimes as late as 17:00

It has not rained for several days now, which is nice. Were it wet, the path down from my house would probably be covered in ice. I guess I'll find an alternate path in the deep of winter.
Tags: brosvika, mold

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