Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Ooops, I forgot to update here.


My IRC friends have had sporadic updates the past month, but no entries from me on LJ.

New wood stove and oil-filled radiator make the living room nice and warm. I love it up there.

I still don't know when I'll have my own connection.

I've set up Ao-chan in the living room and I'm playing Daggerfall again.

The TV works, but isn't fully NTSC-compatible, so black and white only on my import games. Planning to replace it, but not for several months, maybe even a year. LCD monitor comes first. I currently only have one monitor (a CRT), and that's making me nervous.

The washer works. It reminds me of the one we had back when we lived at Skjetten - 20 years ago. But it works!

I now have my green teapot, thanks to my Aniki who went tea shopping for me and shipped stuff out here. Paying him back is going to put me back in the red, though.

Rent paid for January and February.

At least I get a good work-out, carrying all that firewood up to the cabin. If only my backpack was a little larger, I could fit a whole sack into it - as it is, I have to cut the sack open and stuff the backpack - three trips for two sacks of firewood.

I haven't tried to go fishing yet. My fishing pole is up in the attic, ready for action whenever I feel up to it.

Odessa is doing well. She killed a mouse the other day, but most of the time she's lazy, lounging in the sofa or in my chair in front of the fireplace. Today was snowy and wet, and she didn't even want to go out.
Tags: brosvika, odessa

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