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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Status update. 
15th-Feb-2008 17:07
Cats glow in the Dark

I called my ISP and asked about the status of my connection and estimated time of delivery. They promised to look into it and give me feedback next week. I also quit my IP phone deal as I never use it anyway (in fact I've given away the phone I used with it already), and out here you don't get the bonus upstream for having an IP phone anyway.

I'm rather annoyed that my ISP is continuing to charge me as if everything was normal, but I'm pretty sure they'll subtract that from future bills once things are sorted out. (I seem to remember that happening once before) They're still not sure if they CAN deliver, and that worries me a lot, because then my only possible provider would be Telenor, which I'd rather not have dealings with again. They assured me that if Telenor can deliver, they can too. And my closest neighbor has DSL from Telenor, so it should be okay.

Two nights ago, Odessa didn't come home. I was worried when I woke up around 3 AM and she still hadn't returned, but she came back the following morning and acted as if she hadn't just been gone for 20 hours. In fact she didn't even stop to eat, but wanted to go back outside.

I've been playing Daggerfall a lot lately. My character is quite powerful now that I can make custom magical items, including ones to boost my magic skills, which lowers casting cost. Plus I have items to cast spells so I won't have to use my own magicka pool. Enemies that paralyze are no longer deadly. I don't think I want to go up against a Daedra Lord, Vampire Ancient or Ancient Lich just yet, but pretty much any other monster I can handle.

I'm finding it a bit of a challenge to get housework done. I'm typically only ready to face the day around dinnertime, and so I stay with my grandparents until it gets dark, and then I go home to relax with games, books and tea. Tasks that require daylight to perform are postponed indefinitely.

What do you do with gardening waste (leaves, dry grass, etc) anyway? Burn it?
15th-Feb-2008 16:44 (UTC)
What do you do with gardening waste (leaves, dry grass, etc) anyway? Burn it?

15th-Feb-2008 18:31 (UTC)

We dont have much as our trees are immature and we have a lawn service. We arent allowed to burn. I think my dad bags it, and its taken away for compost.

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