Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


I'm starting to feel at home in the cabin, despite the lack of broadband. It's like me; damaged to the point where you have to wonder if it can be repaired at all.

I've disassembled the bed in the future computer lab and carried down the mattresses. Wow, the floor is in really bad shape. Pics later. I'll carry down the parts of the bed tomorrow if it doesn't rain, I just have to clean them with hydrogen peroxide to kill the mold first.

Caught two more flies and put them in the glass jar with the spiders. Both species seem oblivious to the presence of the other. I haven't tried to open the trapdoor to the cellar again.

Tonight's lunar eclipse will apparently happen in the middle of the night. I probably won't get to sleep anyway, so I'm not even trying. I'll just brew up some high-caffeine tea and enjoy the show.

My cell phone has been without coverage since last night. I guess they're doing maintenance on the local tower or something. It still says "Emergency use only"... This is the second time that's happened here, but the first time it only lasted an hour or two.

Going to Eivindvik tomorrow morning. That's going to be fun with how little sleep I'll get tonight...
Tags: life in brosvika

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