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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
I love Saturdays. 
23rd-Feb-2008 15:41
Rock Lee - 愛!

The ice cream van was here today! I stocked up on a lot. My grandmother didn't even hear it, so I was the only one there.

The spiders have been identified: European Cave Spider, Meta Menardi.

The library boat is here. It's awesome. Their selection of books in English is pitiful, though. I ended up getting two plastic bags full of books. >_>
23rd-Feb-2008 21:31 (UTC)
If you want, I can stop by a used book store in town and pick up something you might want and put it in the envelope with the rest of the stuff I'm mailing you.

Any preferences on books?
25th-Feb-2008 18:09 (UTC)
I'm pretty fond of one-shot generic fantasy or science fiction. And books based on games. :D

I have a huge backlog of books to read, though, so no need to get me anything. But if you go and pick out one book you think I'd like, I'd be very happy.
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