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The mold spot on the living room ceiling has started to grow back.

Still no news about any internet connection. It's been two weeks since I ordered the Telenor DSL, so I'm expecting one to three weeks until they tell me there's no capacity in my area.

I'm knitting a lot. I bought even more yarn on my Shopping Trip of Ultimate DOOM! on Tuesday. Sock yarn, cotton yarn in gorgeous greens, and some lovely blue-green thick wool yarn.
Finished the knitting on a bag I'm making - all that's left now is sewing together the bottom, felting, and attaching the straps. But first, I'm knitting a test square to check how good my washer is at felting. I've never felted anything before, except by accident... I seem to remember a blue sweater I could no longer get into after washing it. Ages ago.

Zoomed through the 13-episode anime Legend of Basara.. it ended without a conclusion, but that's okay.. The manga seems better anyway, judging from the first volume. I'll have to get the English translation though, as the Norwegian translation seems to have been discontinued. I guess it wasn't popular enough.. but it seemed like a decent translation too.

On Thursday I'm taking my grandfather to the doctor's office all by myself, giving my grandmother a "day off" so to speak. They're both very happy to have me here, and I'm really enjoying being useful to people I care about.

Ran out of Blue of London today. Aniki has offered to go tea shopping for me again and I can pay him back when I have money again.. but I'd rather just wait until I have money again first, because a lot of it is going to cover the gaping chasm in my bank account, and I don't need to add more to that. It's not like I'm out of tea. I'm just out of most of my favorites, and running low on some others.
Tags: anime, knitting, life in brosvika, tea

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