Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I'm online, more or less.


Ah, glorious broadband, even if it's only about half as broad as what I had back in Oslo. I've been online since about noon, and already I've been disconnected at least SIX TIMES. No, wait, seven.

Disconnection seems to happen with intervals ranging from five to fifteen minutes. How am I supposed to get anything done like this, eh? I've already been disconnected while fixing stuff in my bank, just imagine the hell I'll have when I try to play online games with my friends.

Eight times now.

Anyway, after getting online I decided to check out the cellar again. I went down to the base of the stairs, took out some of the old beer bottles that were lying strewn about, and took a good look around. Lots of the cocoons typical to the European Cave Spider, and I saw several spiders too, one of them even larger than the ones I captured last time. (I've released the spiders I kept in a jar, just outside - they'd die of neglect if I kept them much longer)
Tags: connection issues, life in brosvika

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