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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
A slightly rude awakening. 
9th-Apr-2008 08:55
Pirate Kriatyrr & Odessa

Noises from the kitchen - I determine from bed that they're most likely the cat's doing, and I don't have unwelcome visitors (I don't lock the door at night because there's no need to out here, and that's AWESOME). I find Odessa under the kitchen table, pawing at the previous cat food bag, which for some reason I have not tossed out yet. I ask her what she's on about, that bag is empty, I remember getting out every little piece that got stuck in the corners. I pick it up and hold it upside down, shaking it, to prove my point..

And then a mouse falls to the floor and runs across my naked foot. I cry out in surprise before I gather my wits. I had not expected that.

We chase the mouse around for a bit, but then it escapes into an opening under my stove. :(
9th-Apr-2008 21:59 (UTC)
So there kind of was cat food left in that bag!
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