Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Just another generic update.


Money: Coming up for air, drawing a deep breath, and plunging back into debt. I think my account was in the positive for just a few minutes. But hey, -800 kroner is a lot better than -9967 kroner. Still have to pay the rent, and probably also electricity and internet before next pay day. I'll be okay.

Housekeeping: I suck. Hard to find motivation when I discover new things that need doing faster than I can clear the backlog. Plus I spend a lot of my awake time with my grandparents.

Mental health: Improving now that the money situation is working itself out. Had a few bad days recently.

Physical health: I'm okay.

Game progress:
Animal Crossing (DS): I can't believe I didn't win the flower fest! Several of my pretty, pretty hybrid flowers wilted the last day, and I didn't want to lose them, so I left them there and just watered them for next day revival, and stupid Genji won with his stupid white and yellow flowers. Come on, I had black, purple and pink flowers! I have to wait a whole year for another chance at the flower trophy! Next time I'm going to sabotage my neighbors' gardens so I'll win for sure.
Final Fantasy III (DS): Defeated that silly boss by the fire crystal and unlocked new classes. Wow, geomancers are awesome. Defeated Hein too, but I'm going to load my earlier save and do that part over again, because I'm sure I missed some stuff on the way there. What really annoys me is that when you change from a non-mage class to a mage class, you have to rest before you can cast any spells. Had to change my black mage to a white mage because he was the only one with MP, to get past the part where I had to mini my party.

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