Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Still at mom's place. At least her internet connection is good.


Trying to re-create my first ARPG character, "the Cosplayer" (she has a real name, but it's a secret), is giving me a headache. It's so freaking complex, it's no wonder I couldn't keep up back then. I'm still trying to do too much with a single character. Why can't I just specialize like the others?
I guess that's what I'm doing with Cressi. She's so single-minded, and a delight to play. ^_^

In real life, not much going on. I sleep late and don't go out at night because of the swarms of mosquitoes. I miss my cat and I'm rather looking forward to going back home.
Tags: arpg

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