Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

You never know where the currents will bring you..


I surfed through familiar sites this morning, and as nothing much happened in my immediate vicinity on LJ, I took a look at my friends of friends page (still the best feature of paid accounts).

From there, I got a link to photos of some extremely cute baby otters.

I spent some time looking at otter pics, and followed some of the links on the sidebar. Of course and were there. But more interestingly, there was - a site for creatures who manage to be both ugly and adorable at the same time. Neatly categorized, I headed to the mollusk section, and found two of my own photos! Properly attributed with a linkback to the flickr pages, but I wish they'd have told me so I could have enjoyed the ego boost back in February 2007, when I needed it more than I do today. Ah well.

Recently, my #1 most popular photo on flickr ("orange tabby kittens") was used to illustrate a short story, which I recommend reading. I liked it a lot.

Thinking about how that's the photo everyone loves, I started wondering if it had ever been featured on Cute Overload, and had a look at that site. Scrolled down, and there it was, right at the bottom of the front page! Renji and Fresa are officially über-cute. And my day has been made.

I really should update my flickr more regularly.
Tags: photo, shiny things

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