Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Life is a struggle, and I don't feel like fighting.


Okay, that title sounds far more depressing than I intended. I'm just feeling somewhat down, and I believe the cause is that I am failing to live up to my expectations.

I'm falling behind on housework. Why is it so hard for me to just clean the house? Am I really that lazy?

Odessa has been a source of entertainment lately, but sometimes she takes it too far. I find it really sweet when she brings in a mouse and waits until I've seen it to eat it. Not quite as fun when she brings in a live one and spends half an hour torturing it before she kills it. And a couple of days ago she caught a dragonfly, which I had to end, because it was badly hurt and she just kept playing with it. Poor thing was suffering and was injured beyond repair.

I don't get anywhere near the amount of exercise I should get. Not motivated to go out much. Part of the problem is that I get up so late that by the time I'm ready to head out, there's less than two hours before the time it becomes unbearable to be outside due to insects.

Going to bed earlier doesn't help either. The past couple of weeks, I've spent a bit more time in bed than out of it.

Got another one of those email notifies about a user I'd never even heard of removing me from their friends list. So I went to look at my profile, and there's two names I haven't seen there before. I guess LJ doesn't tell me when someone adds me, only when they remove me. So, hi new people. Drop a note to say hi and introduce yourselves, tell me how you found me, etc. I tend not to add new people as friends before I get to know them somewhat, but there's also very little benefit to being friended by me - locked entries are extremely rare.

I also tend to forget to update my LJ and sometimes there's a whole month between entries. -_-

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