Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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A few days ago, I noticed my LJ profile still advertised my location as Oslo. Ooops. It's been over nine months since I moved, too.

Facebook annoyance: Instead of "location" it uses the phrase "current city" - um, not everyone lives in a city.

Life.. goes on. I'm not doing much. Still obsessed with roleplaying. The cat is healthy and happy. The library boat is coming this way again next week, and several of the books I borrowed last time, I've yet to touch. I haven't been able to focus much on reading lately. It's always the internet or the DS or something else. I got a good deal of reading done the last time I went to Førde, though. Two-hour-long bus rides does that.. but I frequently had to stop and admire the scenery instead. Autumn is here in full force.

I'm going to the US again next month. Rather nervous about it; it's been a long time since I last traveled by plane. I hope my ear infection doesn't flare up again. I hope I don't have to deal with unfriendly people. I hope my cat will forgive me for leaving her alone for three weeks. I hope my cousin can put me up for the night in Bergen so I can go down the day ahead of the flight, and not have to get up in the wee hours and possibly have to take a taxi to Instefjord to catch the bus to Bergen and have only about an hour at the airport - an airport I've never been to before, even.
I need to get travel insurance too..
I think I had a nightmare a few nights ago where I was stopped because my passport had expired. It's still valid for another three and a half years, though. Logically, it should go as smoothly as every other time. I just have a feeling it won't be routine this time. It really sucks when what I know and what I feel are opposites.
Tags: stress

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