Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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Library boat was here yesterday. Returned three books and borrowed another two. Yes, I've only read three out of thirteen books I borrowed half a year ago, and one of them was a really thin one too. Of course, I've read a few of my own books as well. The library boat has a rather poor selection of books in English, and I'm just not used to reading massive blocks of text in Norwegian anymore.
And two of the books are knitting books which I don't want to return. I should see if I can get my own copies of them before another half a year passes by.

Travel insurance GET. That was easy. I'm glad that sort of thing can be done online these days.

Was tired all day and didn't get around to going out, even though today had the best weather we've had in over two weeks. Actual sunshine! I'm ashamed of myself.

At least I got some housework out of the way. And I made a good dinner and didn't eat all of it, but boxed a small portion for tomorrow's breakfast or lunch. I could easily have eaten it all (because it was so tasty), but I need to control my portion sizes.

I crave chocolate. I usually have a 200g Walters Mandler every Sunday, while role-playing, but today the game is canceled due to the wedding of the brother of one of the GMs, and the other GM is also attending. So no game for us. And I'm not suffering half as much as I had feared I would, but I'm sure I'll be utterly starved for gaming before next session. =P

I'm also playing a lot with my Nintendo DS.
Tags: gaming, life in brosvika

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