Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

This is it.


Today, I am going to attempt to go to the top of Brosviksåta, 723 meters above sea level. It's something I do once a year, but this year so far I haven't gone. Last year was the first year I had my pedometer, and it got me ~18.000 steps.

It's already a bit late to start, and I'm sure it'll be dark before I get back. Still going, because if I don't go before my trip to the United States, it will be DECEMBER by the time I get back, and I really don't want to take my trip in December.

I'm taking my cellphone with me, and there will be live updates via Twitter, (and facebook status updates because I've added the twitter app there). This walk is dedicated to the people who are voting today, and those of us who would if we could. Wish me luck and cheer me on, even if I can't see your messages before I get back.
Tags: life in brosvika

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