Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Not doing that again.


The next time I go to the US, I'm staying the night in Bergen on the way back too.

As if the flights themselves weren't long enough, after taking the bus from the airport to the docks, I had to wait FOUR agonizing HOURS for my boat. It only departs twice a day, except Sundays where it only goes once. I would like to thank the person with the unsecured wireless network that reached all the way to the boat terminal. The boat ride itself was two hours, and then I had to wait half an hour for the ferry, which again took another half an hour to cross the fjord, where thankfully my grandmother had arranged for someone to pick me up and drive me the last three kilometers to my home.

I'm fine; Odessa was here to greet me when I got back, and she's very happy to see me again and keeps wanting to snuggle. Too tired for anything more than carrying my luggage up last night, so I just slept all night, was up for about an hour 6-7 AM, then went back to bed and got up in the early afternoon, when it was already getting dark. Carried up three sacks of firewood and have a nice fire going in my dear wood stove now.

So now I can get started on the myriad of tech stuff I need to do. First up: Setting up the replacement router so I can once again have wired devices on my network.
Tags: odessa, tech stuff, travel

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