Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

we interrupt our regular non-posting with cat toys!


Did a little bit of knitting tonight. Wool yarn, the kind meant for felting, and stuffed with pure catnip. Makes for self-repairing cat toys that can last for years. (though the whiskers are probably going to be pulled out in the first week)

I'm planning to send these to my little mentioned middle brother, who recently got a new kitten. He already has an adult cat as well.

Craft Night

bushy-whiskered toy mice

Yeah, I haven't been up to much lately. For several weeks since I returned, my sleeping schedule was totally out of whack. Imagine separating the day into thirds, and then alternating one awake and one sleeping. That's a good approximation. Then for a while, not that long ago, I had what amounted to a normal pattern except I'd get tired really early and go to bed at around 8 in the evening - and get up around 7 the next morning. For nearly a full week straight. I kind of enjoyed having so much daylight at my disposal, but it kind of made game night less enjoyable when I'd already be tired by the time we started playing. Now, I'm pretty much back to my usual. Getting up a bit after noon. Staying up at least until midnight.
Tags: knitting, sleep issues

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