Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Today was pretty good, actually.


Okay, so I had a sort-of nightmare tonight with really large spiders of a multitude of varieties. Some were really colorful and fancy, one kind even had wings and could fly, and I kept trying to take photos with my camera, but they'd never stand still for a picture, or I'd be startled or distracted by another fancy spider. They never attacked me, but made me a bit uncomfortable a few times. Heh.

But yeah. Was awake during a fair amount of daylight today. Visited my grandparents and went on a short walk together. Carried up loads upon loads of firewood. Mailed the cat toys to my brother. Finally remembered to put out my paper/plastic trash for tomorrow morning's pick up. Got a little bit over 6000 steps, while less than my goal, is way better than average for the last week.

And role-playing was fun, as usual. No combat this session, lots of conversation, interesting plot. So close to leveling Tsumi again, which will mostly recover her from Level 7 weakness syndrome.

And Odessa is adorable as always. She's often sitting on the stairs, waiting for me to let her back in. I think she's gotten better at communicating her needs to me too. Before she'd often just complain about something and refuse to tell me what was wrong. Now, she'll move to indicate what I have to do after she gets my attention.

Now if only she'd stop waking me up in the middle of the night. Leaving the bedroom door open helps a little, but then I hear Matsuri's harddrives spinning in the living room.

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