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Today, I learned why one can't easily obtain a stronger concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide than the common 3% solution. Because people are morons, that's why.
Recently I've been plagued with a bad taste in my mouth, which I believe is caused by tonsil stones, so I figured I'd gargle with hydrogen peroxide and hopefully annihilate the vile things. So I pour a bit of the stuff into a glass and gargle. As it starts foaming in the back of my throat, I go "wait, this isn't right..." and yes.. I didn't read the instructions, which said to dilute one teaspoon of the 3% solution in 3/4ths to 1 glass of water. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I don't think it did any real harm. Now, if it had been a stronger concoction than 3%, that might be a different story..

In knitting news, I'm far enough on my improvised sock that I need to start on the heel. Going to try something like this if I can, since I am doing these socks to gain more XP, and I've only ever done that other type of heel before (are there names for the different heel techniques?). That is the video I mentioned in a twitter message a while ago, that I really have no idea how I stumbled onto. I think I was reading random people's (or friends' friends) twitter feeds, perhaps? I'm pretty sure I didn't get there from a different youtube video.
Tags: id-10t error, knitting

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