Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I don't suffer from yarn lust. I enjoy every moment of it.


My bank account balance might disagree, though. So, today I accompanied my grandmother to Bergen. While she was at the eye doctor, I went yarn shopping. To my great disappointment, one of the yarn stores I had looked up on ravelry turned out to have been shut down "a few months ago" according to someone I asked. That still left me with three yarn stores, and I visited two of them, and bought lots of yarns and a few needles. Wow, addi circulars are inexpensive here. The buzz on ravelry makes it seem like they're some kind of luxury item (and I have a few from before, they really are lovely to work with), but the price at the one store I found them was actually lower than most circular needles I've seen for sale in Norway. So tomorrow I'll be photographing my new yarn and adding it to my stash, when I should be cleaning the house so I won't be completely embarrassed when my aunt comes by to feed the cat while I'm gone. Leaving on Wednesday and returning the next Wednesday. Will have some net access here and there along the way, of course, but given the circumstances, it's unlikely I'll spend half as much time online as I normally do.
Tags: knitting

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