Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Travel log.


Train ride was fairly pleasant. For once I had someone sitting next to me, and we talked, although not much. I had lots of lovely tea. Was really tired when we finally came to Oslo, though. And returning to Oslo after all this time was kind of unpleasant. I had completely forgotten that downtown stinks. And advertisements everywhere; I felt like I was using Internet Explorer again. *shudder*

I managed to find my way to Aniki's place, with a little help with which bus stop to go to and which street to take from there; remembered the rest of the way. And, despite needing to get up early the next morning, he just had to show me Beautiful Katamari. Which I agree is awesome. But I don't have an Xbox 360, or even the original Xbox. Not really worth buying for just one game. Any other must-have titles for the 360? And anyway, the Wii is first on my list of consoles to buy.

So I got up this morning at 6:45, showered, got dressed and made tea before going. I made it to the bus with about four minutes to spare. Glad I made it, because the next bus is three hours later.

The awesome part is that the bus has free wireless internet access. I still have about an hour left until I arrive at Malmö, where I'll be met by Sigrid, and Sigmund who 'cheated' and took a plane instead. I think I prefer the bus, although an eight hour trip is kind of long..

I'm also a little discomforted by seeing unfamiliar scenery pass by. I'm deep into unfamiliar territory now. At least it's not Denmark. I can deal with Swedes, I guess. I'm still somewhat used to hearing the language, from a childhood with 2-3 Swedish TV channels and only one Norwegian one. Lots of Swedish-dubbed cartoons. When I was a kid, I even started talking Swedish during a vacation to our fair neighboring country. It's a nice language. Understandable in both spoken and written form.

Also: knitting. Nearing the heel on the second sock of pair 5.

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