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I finished knitting the "Grrlfriend market bag" last night, but apparently I underestimated the warning in the pattern that it is "very stretchy" and ended up with a bag that nearly reaches down to my ankles, even when thrown across my shoulder. Ooops. So here it is; my "ooops! bag"

oops bag
(That's my grandmother in the photo, since she couldn't figure out how to work the camera. We're about the same height.)

Of course, it stretches more when heavy items are put in it, like a full thermos as in the photo.

I can't stand the thought of unraveling half of it and re-doing the end right now, so I'll just leave it for now and make another one from scratch - I certainly have enough yarn!

In other 'oops' news, I very nearly burned my dinner tonight. But it was hardly my fault with the distraction of my grandfather knocking on my door late at night. He said he was looking for my uncle and wondered if he was home. (Hint: I live alone with my cat)
It was completely dark too, so I had to walk him home. Kind of scary how he can just wander off like that. And as I made my way home again, I suddenly remembered the pizza.

Have you had any 'oops' moments lately? Share in the comments!

Grocery shopping tomorrow if I can get up early.
Tags: knitting, life in brosvika

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