Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Good day.


I went to bed at a reasonable time yesterday, and laid awake at least until 4 AM. Nonetheless, I got up at ten like I had decided to when I set my alarm. After about two hours, I had showered, dressed, consumed breakfast and tea, and was ready to venture out into the world. Knowing today was the day the ice cream van was scheduled to return, I grabbed my wallet + cell phone and went out to wait for it - but no wait was necessary as it arrived just as I strolled down the path from my house.

I found it a bit strange that I was the only customer, so I phoned my grandmother and asked if she didn't want anything, and she hadn't heard it. After the frozen goods were safely stuffed away in the once-again really full freezer, I went back down to my grandparents to share tea and conversation. I stuck around for dinner, and afterwards, I suggested going for a walk. So we did. (Just us ladies - getting my grandfather to go further than the mailbox is really hard)

So we went to the lake, and I took lots of photos. It was a wonderful experience.. the weather was absolutely lovely, and the air smelled so pure. After coming back, I noticed I had been disconnected from the internet. After troubleshooting, I determined it was out of my hands and went to call my ISP - and the automated message said something about a large outage that they were working on fixing, so I just hung up as there was no need for me to speak to a human. I made more tea, packed up the laptop and went back to the grandparents, looking at photos and picking out some to order prints of.

All in all, OVER 9000!! steps today. Heh.

This season's tick count is up to 8, all preemptively killed.

Four weeks since I last got any role-playing action.

Oh yeah, and it has now been three years since I got my tubes tied. <3
Tags: life in brosvika, sleep issues

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