Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Morning Fail.


"I hate mornings. That's why I postpone them to the afternoon." - could be my motto. Still, I've given it honest effort to develop a normal sleep pattern. So far it isn't working.

Since Saturday morning, I have got up no later than 10 AM. Then I go through the day being dead tired, until the evening when I get my second wind, and then I go to bed and lie there awake, trying to sleep, until I finally do, but 10 AM comes far too soon, and my torment begins again.

Today I had an appointment with my doctor. So I set my alarm for six. Hit the snooze button twice; got up at 6:18. Shower, waste time on the web, space out, make tea, get dressed, space out some more.. realize that I only have a few minutes left, see the school bus pass by, panic, grab bag, verify that wallet is indeed in bag, grab thermos and put in bag, run for the bus. (Its turning point is just a little bit past my place, so it's all good to leave the house just after seeing the bus)

In my rush, I did not take the time to bring with me my DS, PSP, book, knitting, mp3 player OR even a jacket. Blargh. It was a bit cold this morning too.

Bus ride is as it always is - a cacophony of kids' voices. It's not truly a school bus; it's a public bus that only runs on school days and only once a day each direction. So it's practically a school bus. I miss my mp3 player and other items I could use to drown out the noise. But I make it okay. It's been worse.

I arrive in Eivindvik, enter the doctors' office which thankfully opens just then, at 8:40, even though its official opening time is 9:00. I have someplace not cold to sit, jacketless as I am. Some kind or forgetful person even left an issue of Pondus for me to read.

I get called in, somewhat later than the actual appointment time, but that doesn't matter. Generic stuff, new appointment in three weeks.

And then there I am, with three and a half hours to wait until the bus back home. I stop by the store, which hadn't opened yet at the time I arrived, and get something edible. Then I go to the crafts store and spend about three hours wishing I had remembered to bring my knitting. Haha, it wasn't that bad - several people come in throughout the day and there was much conversation to be had, and I enjoyed my tea. When there was just half an hour to go, I excused myself and went to the flower store, where I asked for tulips, but they didn't have any. Season is about to end. (WTF? The tulips in my garden are still buds)
The florist gave me a bouquet of roses in full bloom (too far along in their lifespan to charge for them, in her opinion) and I bought some seeds for my garden. Totally forgot about the real reason I wanted to go to the flower shop - I need flower pots. -_-

Then I went back to the grocery store for a little more food shopping. Then waiting for the bus, which was about ten minutes late. Finally home. Start to feel awake again. Do a tiny bit of gardening. Don't bother to fix tense changes in rambling LJ post.

I forgot what I was going to say.
Tags: life in brosvika

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