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Life update.


I have things to write today! Things too long for twitter.

I've had a great day today. The weather has been lovely, with the exception of some pollen. And I'm out of zyrtec, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was earlier this spring. Yay for antihistamines.

So I've been doing a lot of garden work today - mostly pulling up dandelions and (other) weeds. Odessa kept me company for much of the time I was outside, and it was nice. Sunny, but not hot. And not too cold to wear short sleeves.
I ought to get myself better speakers so I can listen to music while in my garden. Or maybe some kind of wireless headphones gadget.
Although I made great progress today, there is still so much more left to do. I haven't even started planting edibles yet. Last year I had some lovely sugar snaps. The spinach failed badly.. I think the soil is too sour here and that might be why it turned bitter. Or I should have harvested it while it was still young.. whatever. This year I'm going to try planting green beans and carrots and stuff.

In knitting news, I can't seem to be able to not have a sock project on the needles. So I started another Jaywalker pair, this time in Gjestal Silja strømpegarn, which I got from frogging a stupid scarf I knitted a few years ago. I think it's going to turn out great. I like this yarn a lot better than Sandnes Sisu, for some reason, though I tend to prefer Sandnes over Gjestal yarns. Maybe I'm just a yarn snob.. Gjestal yarns are significantly cheaper.

I get to spend most of the day in Eivindvik tomorrow. Doctor appointment at 9:30-ish, so I'm taking the bus from here at 8, and returning around 15. That's the only bus connection we have! Once a day, school days only. I'll probably hang out at Eivindvik Husflid, knitting and chatting with the owner and other patrons. I'm going to have to check out connections with other bus routes soon, and see if I can make it to Brekke or Dalsøyra on my own and back. One of the stores at Brekke has an impressive yarn selection, but I haven't been there since before I really got addicted to knitting, so I don't remember what brand(s) they carry.

Also planning a trip to Førde soon. I have so many things I need to go to Førde for, I might not have the carrying capacity to also visit Spar Kjøp for cheap yarns. Cat food and me-food is kind of more important when I already have huge boxes full of yarn.

One of these days I'm also going to gather the courage to try to felt a bag I knitted like a year ago. I have never intentionally felted anything before. I get that you do it in a washing machine, but.. with or without detergent? If with, regular or one for wool? What temperature? Well, I guess if it fails to felt, I can just try again.. unless it ends up as one giant felted clump of useless wool. Why am I so intimidated by things I have never done before? Isn't it more of a loss to have a knitted bag lying there, waiting to be felted, than to ruin it and gain experience?

Also, for all two of you who are fellow knitters: I'm thinking of buying a few books of patterns. Books are exempt from the ridiculous import fee, so I can order as many as I want with impunity. What is essential to have? I've already decided on Cookie A's book, and one or two of Cat Bordhi's. I'm interested in other things than socks, but I've just been on a sock kick lately. I want to try lace knitting soon.. but I'm intimidated by it still. Will I be able to read and understand those complex patterns and long charts? Just looking at the pattern of Aeolian makes me feel inferior.. Maybe something simpler, but still pretty. I have to get some blocking supplies too..

Knitting is making me spread my attention too thin. I have so many other things I need to do.. but knitting is what I want to do. Knitting and shooting sectoids in UFO: Enemy Unknown.
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