Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

More misadventures.


Thinking I'd try to get it over with instead of procrastinating until the last minute (=today), I decided to reinstall Chiron's OS yesterday. The partitioning stuff was kind of scary, so I decided to go into windows and delete the linux partitions there, so I could just tell the installer to "use unpartitioned space" so it'd leave my windows install alone. Wait, did I back up my IRC logs? no? When I copied everything from /home, it didn't include hidden folders? (which is where my logs would be)

That feeling of having just screwed up royally.. oh, I hadn't felt that for years now. But I didn't let panic take over. One, I didn't proceed with the install. If things can be recovered, they can be recovered from the current state, but maybe not if I go ahead and repartition the drive. aetherspoon was out at the time, but luckily xjph was around and pointed me toward TestDisk, a wonderful tool that easily saved me by re-writing the partition table I had just deleted, and EVERYTHING was restored.

Today, I am finally reinstalling Chiron's OS. On the last possible day. Tomorrow, mom and I are going to Bergen, will stay the night there, and the next morning I am flying to the US to see aetherspoon and antimerus again.

I am going to miss my cat and Spotify so much.
Tags: computer geekery, stress, vacation

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