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I've been severely neglecting my LJ recently.. it's just not the place I am active anymore. That may change; I tend to move in cycles.

As usual, IRC is where I am the most active. If you are not already with me in #aspoonedroom, you can find instructions on how to get there in the userinfo of _asr.

I haven't touched Facebook in a while. I really dislike it.
Not really active on any forums. I use ravelry a lot, but the forums are too large for me. I just keep up with what my friends are knitting, and I hang out on the IRC channel, which is only a little bit larger than our #aspoonedroom. I prefer socializing in small groups.

I use twitter sporadically. Sometimes I can summarize what I am doing in 140 characters or less. And I use it to update my progress when I'm traveling long distances. It's very convenient to be able to update from my cell phone, since not every airport has free wireless internet access.

So anyway, in case you have missed it, I'm in the US now, with aetherspoon and antimerus. They're the process of moving, which is a bit stressful, but other than that I'm having a great time so far. Even though I've been here nearly a week and there still hasn't been any roleplaying. And we're going to a wedding the coming weekend, so that will be super stressful. If I can't stand it, I'll just sneak off somewhere with a book, my DS, or my knitting, and hide for a while. I couldn't stand game night last night, and that was just seven or so people.

One thing that bothers me about this place is that there aren't many options for places to be alone. I'm in Suburbia, which in some ways is a kind of hell to me. But the people here are generally nice and polite. Sometimes passing strangers on the street will say hi to me. It's weird, but the good kind of weird.
I miss the quiet, people-free wilderness of Brosvika. But I also enjoy having a grocery store within walking distance. Called my mom today to check up on Odessa; she says she's not seen her, but her food is being eaten daily, so she's around. She only comes inside to eat, cuddle or show off something she's caught during summer. Unless it rains. Then she'll come inside to use the litterbox.
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