Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Long walks in the sun. Not so fun.


Today, I wanted to go yarn shopping. So I looked up directions on google maps, paying more attention to the directions than the actual map, put sunblock on my arms, and set out towards Verona - or so I thought. Apparently Maple Grove Drive turns into Nesbitt Road AND the latter continues in a different direction. I thought Nesbitt road started there (because there was no sign saying it went in another direction as well) and thus took that one - to its end - and found myself in Fitchburg. Oops. After buying a map (and cold beverages) at a gas station and consulting with niichan on the phone, I started walking back again, and, not wanting to be defeated, decided to trudge on towards Verona instead of doing the sensible thing and going back home. I really wanted yarn.

My pedometer reads 18500 steps now. It was hot. I stopped to re-apply sunblock once. So my arms made it, but I got somewhat burned on my neck and face. So now I look like I'm constantly blushing.

I bought a bunch of circular needles of sizes I didn't already have, three different sock yarns, and signed up for the spinning class they are doing on Wednesday. I got the last open slot.

Waited around in Verona for the bus, (Verona only has bus service at peak hours), went up to Epic and met niichan and took the bus back home together. Cast on a sock I'm making for him, but I've probably mis-estimated the size and will need to unravel and restart. Tomorrow. Now I'm just exhausted and will sleep.

The full size bed seems so small now, after the king size bed we enjoyed at the hotel..

Tomorrow, I will go for a much shorter walk while the guys are at work. If I'm not just sleeping the entire time.
Tags: knitting, vacation

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