Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
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Mostly recovered from being sick now. Am on penicillin for a week. Nothing much exciting going on - just trying to make sure I get enough sleep and nutrition while not falling utterly behind on housework. Still knitting and reading quite a bit. Going to start a new sock pair soon, but I don't know which yarn and which pattern I'll go with. May post a poll here - you guys like influencing others in making arbitrary decisions, right? Whenever I see an LJ Poll I go all "oooh, shiny! Must vote!" even if I only care a tiny, tiny bit about the subject.

Anyway, I haven't even photographed one of the yarns I might use, so.. later.

My attempt to knit socks for aetherspoon during my visit failed - I didn't start early enough, and as a consequence I didn't even finish the first sock. Also, it looked like I'd spend more than half the yarn on the one sock. What am I doing wrong? His feet aren't that huge.
Anyway, those socks aren't getting finished as I no longer have his feet available to check my progress against. :(
(Unless you make a cast of your feet and send me! :P)

I want to drink alcohol.. but I'm on penicillin.. but the information for this drug doesn't even mention alcohol. Are the newer antibiotics OK to drink while on now? It's been a few years since I last had to take any.
Tags: knitting

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