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There's so much going on in my life right now. I have more money and free time than I'm used to, and so many things to do. But I often lack the energy or motivation.

There's an election coming up here in Norway. I still haven't decided which party to vote for this time (but I know who I'm NOT going to vote for). I don't know if I'll be able to get anywhere on the day of the election, but I can go vote on Friday when I'm in Eivindvik, I guess. Which means I should make up my mind pretty soon. I'm not going to cop out and not vote, because people who could have voted and didn't have no right to whine about the results.

Other than that, my home is still a mess and I still buy more yarn than I use. I'm also going to start spinning a bit - I'm expecting a package with a drop spindle and some lovely fibers in the mail tomorrow.

I've been doing a nearly satisfactory amount of reading lately, even if it's been mainly semi-trashy paperbacks. Way too little exercise, though. The weather has been crap pretty much every day since I got back. I should figure out some moves I can do indoors. The Wii Fit still sounds like a good idea. If I can clear some space.

Spotify was in the trending topics on twitter yesterday, and I had a lot of fun following what various people were saying. Some playlists were shared, and I discovered several tracks I had never heard of before. For those of you with spotify, you may want to check out this band.
That's the part I love about Spotify. I can go exploring. If I don't like what I find, I can just move on to something else. And the stuff I like, I can throw into a playlist.
The downside, of course, is that a lot of my favorites from my pre-spotify days aren't in the library. And some albums are regionally restricted, which sucks ass, but that seems inevitable when the service is actually legal. I also gave away three invites, and received two thank yous back - not bad. Threw out two invite codes into the wild; one was used within four minutes, the other an hour or so later I think. The third was sent specifically to one person who wanted one. Saw a few others offering invites too. (by the way, the thanks came from the first and third)
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