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Shopping trip to Førde!

Left home at around 10:30 - getting a ride up to Førde as my aunt was going that direction. Stopped at the veterinarian office, bought 7 kg of cat food, left the 5 kg bag in my aunt's car (she won't be back here until Saturday) and brought the 2 kg bag with me.

Walked all the way out to Spar Kjøp, only to have my fears confirmed - the specific color/type of yarn I need has been discontinued. I'll probably unravel half my project, put in a segment in a different color, then re-knit with the old color, so it'll look like I planned that all along.

I still don't have a knitting-related LJ icon. How weird is that? One of these days, when the weather gets nice, I'm going to take some of my lovely yarn outside for a photo shoot and use the images as icon bases.
What kind of taglines should I put on them? "Yarn: Cheaper than (most) drugs."? "I knit so I don't kill people"? "Just give me the yarn and no one gets hurt."?

So yeah. Because they didn't have the particular yarn I wanted, I bought a bunch of other yarn to console myself. ^_^;
So many pretty colors! And most of it pretty cheap too.

Then I stopped by the gardening center right next to Spar Kjøp and got some tulip bulbs and a small terracotta flowerpot. Walked back to 'central' Førde and did some more shopping - a new, white satin sheet. Asked about bamboo bedding/sheets, but such things are alas still unheard of in Norway. They also did not have any green satin sheets. They had a lovely deep red one, but that would run in the laundry and ruin all my other stuff. And I get tired of red pretty quickly.

I was done with all my errands about an hour and a half before the bus back. Oh yes, and I saw a sewing/fabric store with a reasonable yarn selection (Viking) right next to Pikant where they have free wifi. I should get a browser for my DS.. I believe I have the necessary hardware to run one. Wanted to go on twitter while there, but didn't want to tweet from my cell phone. International text messaging isn't cheap so it's mainly used when I'm out traveling and want to keep my friends updated on my whereabouts. Free wifi is my friend.
I know I can browse the web from my PSP, but the DS is so much shinier with its touchscreen and stuff. And I tend to only bring my DS with me for day trips like today's.

Bus ride back was mostly spent reading.

Oh, and I didn't have to walk all the way back home from Rutledal. The first car I encountered slowed down and the guy asked me if I wanted a ride. I believe I've seen him before and should know who he is; a neighbor perhaps. I'm really terrible with names and faces. (But I have excellent voice recognition to compensate!)

The package with my drop spindle and fibers arrived today. The merino is so soft and the colors are so pretty! And the tencel fibers are so soft and shiny like silk. The bamboo isn't quite what I expected - will probably spin it together with some other fiber instead of pure. Part of me is thankful the bamboo and tencel weren't available dyed - I'd have ordered multiple colors like I did with the merino. This fiber addiction of mine is starting to worry me.

There's always this one thing that most of my disposable income goes into. In my teens, it was books. Not long ago it was tea. Now it's yarn and knitting supplies.

I joked with my aunt that in a couple of years I'd have a couple of lambs grazing on my lawn, and I'd shear them, card the wool, spin it, dye it and knit it. That is so not worth all the work to get to the finished product, but it'd still be kind of awesome to have an item that was 100% locally produced.

I bet that two years from now, I still won't have spun more than half of the fibers I got today.
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