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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
A day in the life. 
13th-Oct-2009 22:31
oooo! shiny ! (bubbles)

I couldn't sleep last night. I laid awake until around 4 AM, I think, at which point I knew there was no way I'd be up and ready for the bus at 8. I was not following my grandparents to Eivindvik today. Instead, I caught the school bus on its return trip to Brekke, where for once it did not rain. As usual, I was the only passenger on the bus. It was quite beautiful at Brekke today, yet I only briefly wished I had brought the camera. I'd have enough to carry on the way back.

I spent an hour or so just sitting by the fjord, drinking tea, reading, or just looking at the little fishies among the kelp. Then I went grocery shopping. After I had gathered all the stuff I was willing to carry, I made the mistake of checking out the yarn corner. I ended up buying seven skeins of yarn, because I was tempted. All sock yarn. More Regia and Idena Crazy, and a new sock yarn from Sandnes called Palett, which looks suspiciously like Noro Kureyon Sock. Photos will be up on Flickr/Ravelry within a few days, I think.

I finished my shopping at 17:59, a minute before the store's closing time. Then I had 40 minutes to wait for the bus. I spent the time re-packing the cooling bag so everything fit, shifting the contents of the backpack so I could strap on the cooler, reading, drinking tea, and spinning (I had brought my smallest spindle and a bit of bluefaced leicester).

On the bus back, there was one other passenger, whom I could not place, but who apparently knew me somewhat. We talked a little. The bus ride was about half an hour, and it was starting to get dark. I started walking home with my heavy burden (23 kg, I found out when I got home). After the first car had passed, I regretted not sticking my thumb out. It is not uncommon for someone to stop and offer me a ride while I'm walking there, but I'm a bit reluctant to actually ask someone for a ride. It's always people who know me who stop (though I usually don't know who they are because I am horrible at facial recognition and remembering people), so I guess my chance of getting a ride home is lower after dark. I ended up walking the entire way home. Two more cars passed by the direction I was going, but I didn't quite feel right trying to hitch a ride when I didn't know who it was. Now that it's all over, I'm glad I walked all the way, because the exercise probably did me some good.

At the very last segment, I took out my pocket LED flashlight, whose normally feeble light helped a great deal. It was pretty dark.

Shoulders are sore, I should probably take more frequent trips so I won't have to carry as much each time. Plus I get half off on public transportation since I'm on disability. That's pretty sweet.

A major advantage of taking the bus to Brekke instead of Eivindvik is that I don't have to share the bus with rude and noisy kids. And I can do it in the afternoon and not have to be up early. Only downside is that I have to walk back from Rutledal, which I wouldn't consider a drawback at all if I wasn't carrying groceries. It's a nice enough walk. Not too long, if unencumbered.

This Saturday, the Library Boat "Epos" will be docking at Brosvika. That's pretty much the biggest cultural event that ever happens here. I hope the weather will be better than the last three times, so I can finally get some good photos of my everyone's favorite library.
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