Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

State of the Cat.


Odessa hasn't been great lately. I think she's getting sick.. She appears to have lost her voice (again - she had partially lost it while I was gone this summer, but she recovered it. Now she's completely voiceless), and often seems like she's about to throw up, but she always swallows it again. She did throw up once last week or so; nothing alarming found in her puke. But clearly she is in some discomfort that probably won't just go away on its own.

It's harder to be a responsible pet owner out here compared to in Oslo. There, I'd just put her in a cloth bag (because she stays SO much more calm there than in her carrier) and carry her for the 20-minute walk to my nearest veterinarian. Now, I don't even know where the nearest vet that does cats is. And the buses don't allow animals on board. (I don't know how strictly that is enforced, though - I once saw someone bring a rabbit in a cage on a bus, and it smelled horrible. I don't remember them being reprimanded for it.)

Then it hit me. I have seen cats on the boat before, and I've had Odessa with me on ferries without anyone making a fuss. I'll take her with me to Bergen! Veterinarians galore! It takes about as much time as going to Førde since the boat is quicker than the bus.

The only difficulty involved here is getting up early enough in the morning, getting to Rutledal *with the cat*, and of course the return trip.

I'm looking after my grandfather tomorrow, but I'll make some calls and find a veterinarian that can see us this week, hopefully Tuesday. I don't know if an appointment is required, but it's probably a good idea to check in case they are fully booked a particular day.

After mucking around on the 'net, it seems there's just one veterinarian clinic in Bergen. Seems like a really good one, too, so it's bound to be expensive, but I can afford that. I want Odessa to be healthy and happy.
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