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State of the Cat: Diagnosis.


The cat's condition was much worse than I had expected; her throat is all sore/raw/infected, and she has a small infection in a lung. She was given some broad-spectrum antibiotics and I am to give her a liquid pain killer for a while, and call the vet back when there's change. Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick.

Though the vet didn't say so, and I forgot to ask until I had already left, I'm giving Odessa canned food for a while, since that won't hurt her throat as much as dry food. Normally she prefers dry food, and I give her a small can of luxury canned food as a reward every time she catches a mouse.
I put out both dry and canned food for her now, and she went for the canned.

So, trip summary:

It was still a bit dark when we left home, right around 8:05 in the morning. Odessa made a fuss at first, of course, and the uphill part was a bit tough - I could feel I had been neglecting my exercise recently. But once over the hill, it was pretty smooth sailing. Just walking. Took about the normal amount of time to get to the ferry lane; 45 minutes or so. Had about fifteen minutes to wait for the ferry. For once I had company in the waiting room, and I talked a bit to the woman there - the cat being the ice breaker, of course. She was also going to Bergen.

Ferry trip was uneventful. Then about ten minutes of waiting at Rysjedalsvika for the boat to Bergen.

There were few people on the boat, and I got the best seats all to myself. At the front, off to the right (and identical seats on the left), three seats together, with a table, lots of leg space, and electrical outlets available. Oh, and the boat has free wi-fi too. I did not have my laptop with me, of course - I didn't need it, wouldn't use it much, and it would add some weight/bulk I could use for other things. My point is, it's really nice to take the boat, especially when you have a laptop with you.

After Odessa had settled in on the boat, I took out my experimental Portable Litterbox - a plastic box with lid, half filled with litter pearls. I put it on the floor, uncovered it, and showed it to the cat - she immediately went to pee in it. Yay, I may have saved myself from the huge embarrassment of having my cat pee on the boat's nice carpeted floor. Or seats. It was bad enough that one time two years ago when she peed on the train - they had linoleum floor around the "pets allowed" seating, and it wasn't so hard to clean up. Just embarrassing.


While waiting in line to get off the boat, there was a cute girl (about ten years old? dunno) who smiled at us - her mother said she was allergic so she could only look, not touch the cat. I felt a bit sorry for her, it looked like she'd have liked to pet the cat. So, off the boat, wandering around a bit trying to find the correct bus - ended up taking the free city bus, which seemed to go in the right direction - indeed, it went right past the vet - got off at the first stop after and backtracked. It was a much shorter distance than it seemed on the map. Didn't save many minutes by taking that bus.

They had to sedate the cat to properly examine her, so I had to drop her off and come back about two hours later. So I wandered back into the more familiar parts of town, first visiting a lovely yarn store, where I actually managed to not buy any yarn! It took a lot of willpower - they had so much lovely yarn, and even unspun wool too. Oh, and somewhere around this time, I ran into the girl from the boat again.

I was getting pretty hungry at this point, not having eaten since breakfast, and went over to that kebab place where mom and I had falafel when we were in Bergen together right before my trip to the US. I love falafel.
Also stopped by a grocery store where I bought a book I wanted, some cookies and pastries. After eating, I visited the store for Kattens Vern, a charity that helps homeless cats. Bought some catnip (yay, I found catnip for sale in Norway!) and talked to the workers for a while. They seemed interested in my knit cat toys, though unfortunately I had not brought any with me as I had not planned to visit that store. But I'll return some other time I'm in town.

By that time, it was drawing close to the time I could expect the cat to be done, so I headed back to the veterinarian clinic. They weren't done yet, but I was okay relaxing in the waiting area after all my walking, though a bit concerned about the cat and possible reasons it could take longer than anticipated. Then I was let in and told the diagnosis, got to see the x-ray photos, and told how to administer the liquid painkiller which I was given a prescription for. Then I got my cat back. She seemed pretty mellow, but that was probably just from the sedation. The whole thing cost me 2040 kroner, about half and half between labor and equipment. A year ago that would have put my bank account in the red, but now, it wasn't such a big deal. I checked my balance this morning; I had about 4000 and that's just a couple of days before next payday. It sure is nice to have low living expenses. I get money left over for luxuries and emergencies.

Then I walked back into town, located a pharmacy and picked up the prescription - another 145 kroner there. I had about an hour and a half until the boat, and a very short walk there, so I did a little bit of grocery shopping for the kind of stuff I can't get in Eivindvik or Brekke. Tofu. Large chunk of fresh ginger. Pre-made soup that's just heat and eat (oh, how I wished I had some of that stocked up when I got sick - and this stuff keeps for almost a year, so I'm saving it for next time I'm too sick to cook). More canned cat food.

Too tired for anything else, I went toward the boat terminal, though it was nearly an hour until departure. Bought my ticket.

Then I suddenly realized there was a Spar Kjøp right next to the boat terminal and they have yarn from Gjestal and I need more of the olive green Cortina Exclusive for my Kitty Pi. So I went in there to buy one ball of it, and ran into the girl from the boat AGAIN. She seemed glad to see that my kitty was going to be fine and was going home again.

Though, my spontaneous detour to Spar Kjøp meant I was not at the boat when boarding first started, and I did not get the best seats this time. Still, I was very comfortable. It's just the cat would have been more comfortable in a corner. More privacy in case she needed to use the litterbox again. I kept it out for her, but she did not use it again.

I called my uncle to ask if he could pick me up at Sollibotn, and he said yes, which was a huge relief to me. The boat arrives at Sollibotn about half an hour before it reaches Rysjedalsvika, and it's only about a half hour drive home from there. Plus on the way back, there's a whole hour wait at Rysjedalsvika before the half hour ferry back to Rutledal, where I have a 45-minute walk back home. Heavily encumbered. Yeah, I was ready to call a taxi if my uncle hadn't been available. Didn't want to put the cat through the extra nearly two hours of travel time. If it was just me, I'd have sucked it up. I'd have recovered some of my strength on the hour-long wait. I don't like asking for rides, but for Odessa's sake, I will.

Odessa was very happy to be home. And to eat again. I gave her a few pieces of dry food on the boat, which she quickly nommed and asked for more of. Gave her some water too, of course, but that wasn't easy when I didn't have anything for her to drink out of. Palm of my hand didn't work all that well, and neither did pouring it into her mouth. But I did get some water into her and she seemed better afterwards.

She will not want to repeat this trip again anytime soon, but we will probably have to.

Pedometer reads ~15.500 steps. I'm tired. And very glad that I didn't have to walk home from Rutledal, because then I'd be hitting 20.000. Only done that twice before, I think. Maybe three times. Once on a shopping trip to Førde, and at least once this summer in the US. I think it was the day I was looking for Target and niichan's instructions didn't include a very essential right turn, or it might have been the day of my EPIC DETOUR to Verona - or maybe both of those two.
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