Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Slow progress.


Today I did pretty okay. I was already awake at 11 when the postal delivery person called to tell me to come down to pick up my package. It's so nice that they do that instead of just honking the horn when they are already here. The few minutes of advance warning gave me time enough to get dressed before running down. :P

Among the stuff I had ordered was a shelf that I put up in my bedroom. Now I just have to hope that Odessa decides it is a good place for her to sleep. I may throw up some photos later.

Oh, and I planted my tulip bulbs that I bought like a month ago, today. That task was actually on my to-do list. So I've cleared a little bit of backlog, but not any important items.

Odessa's recovery is proceeding, albeit slowly. Her meow still sounds pitiful, but she has apparently discovered that she can make those "mrowr" sounds that she does whenever she's caught prey almost perfectly, and gave me a false alarm this morning. She continues to be an active, happy and spoiled cat. Still feeding her wet food, of which she typically licks off the gravy and leaves some of the pieces uneaten. I leave the leftovers out for our little feral friend, whom I actually haven't seen for a couple of weeks now. I hope he's okay. I'd spend more time around my grandparents' place to look for him, but I've had a need for withdrawal recently. Yesterday's trip to Førde was a bit tiring too. So glad my aunt was on the same ferry so I got a ride home. Still managed to get over 10k steps that day, from walking to Rutledal in the morning and wandering around Førde. The veterinarian clinic is a bit away from 'downtown' Førde, so going out there and back again adds a lot to the pedometer.

I still find it too much work to every day cook healthful food for myself, get sufficient exercise, and keep the house clean. How normal people can manage to actually hold a full-time job in addition to this is something I cannot understand.

And I sleep so much. Between going to bed last night and getting up this morning, 14 and a half hours passed.

Doing a little knitting again. I haven't added it to Ravelry yet, but I'm trying out Cookie A's "Monkey" socks. Such a pleasure to do something so easy, yet still pretty, after the trauma inflicted on me by the infernal ironwork socks. Though, I'm thinking that the yarn I'm using, Sandnes Mini Palett, might be better suited for something else than socks. The very gradual change in color would look nice in a shawl, I'm sure. These socks are going to look kind of drab and boring, probably, since I'm using the gray colorway.

Another project I also haven't added to ravelry is jaywalkers using my pink variegated Silja Strømpegarn, which isn't looking very good and I'll probably frog it and re-use the yarn with a pattern more compatible with the striping in the yarn. The color segments are so short, knitted plain it makes spiraling stripes of each color. The chevron pattern of the jaywalkers just ruins that. Maybe I'll just knit plain socks with them.
Tags: knitting, life, odessa, sleep issues

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